It has to be before July

I got a call yesterday night, with a frantic-sounding little old lady, upset about her appointment date. She needed it changed immediately because her referral expired in July. I verified all her details and saw her appointment date.

Me: How can I help you with this?

OL: It needs to be earlier!!! My referral expires July 7th!!

Me: (pretends to type) Ah, yes, I see your appointment is for June 12th.

OL: Can we move it to before July?

Me: According to my screen, it is already before July.

OL: But it’s in June!!!

Me: Yes, ma’am, June is before July.

OL: ….. Oh! Ok then! (A wheeze and some laughter)

Not too dramatic, but I could hear her stress leaving and I was just happy to get an easy call for once. She was adorable.

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