"No, I will not give you my name!! I’ll call the police and have them come find you!!"

Hello! This is my first post to this subreddit and man, after nearly half a year at my first call center job, I already feel like I’ve got a lot of stories to tell. But forgive me if I don’t get the formatting right, or anything else that might be wrong with this post – I’m still new to reddit in general, but I’m learning the ropes little by little.

Now for context: I work in customer service for a credit card company. My position entails, in majority, taking payments, changing account info (such as mailing address, phone number, etc), processing lost or stolen cards, etc. Like I mentioned before, I’ve been with this company in my position for almost six months, but keep in mind two of those months were spent in training, not even out on the floor yet. I’m still relatively new.

As for our cast

CCC – credit card company I work for

CM – Cardmember/Caller

TC – my Team Coach

Me – would not do well in prison

Finally, the rather short but just…very odd story…

This happened yesterday, and we were seeing a fairly regular amount of calls. I was in my now usual groove of taking calls and was feeling good about my performance that day. Then, this happens:

Me: Thank you for calling CCC, this is shelbydeebee in the UndisclosedLocation office! May I start with your-

CM: WHo aRe YoU?!???

Me:…um, this is CCC, ma’am, my name is-

CM: I don’t want to talk to you!!!

Me:…you didn’t mean to call CCC, ma’am?

CM: NO!!! I want your baaaaal-aaaaaance (yes, she slowed down her speech as if I couldn’t understand her) trrrraaaaanssfeeeerrr team!! But YOU keep picking up! Stop picking up!!

(I had never seen this lady’s name in my life, and I would bet my uterus on that.)

Me: (pausing, to make sure she was done, then) Well, ma’am, I don’t believe I’ve spoken with you today. However, I’d be more than happy-


Me: (ignoring her, gets extra perky) -to get you over to my balance transfer team! I would just need your first and last name.

(I think it’s going to be done at this point. Oh, how naive of me….)

CM: NO. You don’t need my name!! I got disconnected from the balance transfer person and HE has my name! GET ME HIM.

Me: I understand your frustration, ma’am, but to get you to that department as quickly as possible, I would need to verify I have the right account pulled up. (I’d like to add that she could have already been transferred by now, but I digress.)

CM: If you don’t get me there NOW, I will call the police and have them FIND YOU.

Me: (trying not to laugh or sound condescending, now that I’ve fully realized the level of stupid I’m dealing with). You’re free to call whomever you please, ma’am. I’ll just need your first and last name.

(This goes back and forth with her screaming at me, and me pleasantly continuing to apologize for her frustration and insist on her first and last name, until….)


Me: …alright, that’s no problem at all, ma’am. In order for the supervisor to assist you with the correct account, I would just need your first and last name.

CM: (silence) …well, that’s just too bad, isn’t it?

She then hangs up.

I put a pause on my calls a couple minutes later, and stand to look over at the desk in front of me – the desk of my TC. I tell him the whole of what just happened, and ask if I did anything wrong.

TC: Well, technically, you could have got her to the supervisor and just explained the situation to them, and that she refused to verify her information. But…you did good holding your own, girl.

Me: Okay. I’ll remember that next time. Thank you!

Moral of the story: I will remember that next time, but there is not a single bone in my body that regrets refusing to connect her without her first AND last name.

TLDR: CM calls in, accuses me of picking up her calls multiples times when I did not, and threatens to send the police for my ass if I don’t connect her to a different department, all while refusing to give me her name.

Edit: for grammar and spelling errors. Shame on me and my family.

Edit 2: Thank you again to the bomb af person who awarded me a silver! My regret level was at 0; now it’s at -1,000 😂

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