Ipads don’t ‘plug in’ to Wi-Fi.

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I worked at a call center in January of this year where I answered customer service calls about peoples account and their issues with their orders. On this website, you upload photos to your account and we custom made specific items with your pictures on them.

Anyway, on this day I got a call from a customer about an issue she was having with uploading her photos to her account. And so I was walking her through how to do this. Well, I tried helping her upload them from her phone and that wasn’t working so I had her try to upload them from her computer, and she elected to tell me that her photos were only on her ipad and cell phone. Now, sometimes our mobile app had issues with uploading photos to where you’d have to uninstall the app and reinstall it to make sure its up to date this was a well known common issue. So walking her through the normal steps and she was not understanding the app, I tried having her upload them from her ipad and I was having issues explaining the uploading process to her, So I asked my manager to help. My manager informed me to have her switch from WiFi to mobile data because sometimes that helps with the upload process. Anyways, on her Ipad I asked the woman if she had WiFi on her ipad and she replied, ‘no because there’s no where to plug it in at.’ I DID NOT LAUGH on the call, and that’s my claim to fame as a call center rep. I had her go back to her phone and we were able to successfully able to get her to upload her photos to her account after further troubleshooting.

I will say that I went to lunch after the call ended and proceeded to tell all of my coworkers what she said and we had a great laugh for the rest of the day.

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