Karen Won’t Shut up!

So I’m at work yesterday and i had this customer.

Me: Hello Karen. I’m calling your because we forgot to call you for your bday and happy belated bday blah blah blah.

Karen: Oh thank you. I can’t go because my friends are not here. One is in Ireland. The other one is in France. Lacy is in Dublin. So i am waiting for them to come back so i can go to the show. What is the show?

Me: buddy Holly Happy Days.

Karen: Oh i love Buddy holly. it’s sad he died in the plane crash. My father died in a crash 25 years ago. He was flying and had a heart attack. I have to visit his grave tomorrow. I need flowers.

Me: Um yeah well i hope you have a good day madam.

Karen: Yeah he likes a special kind of flowers and i can only go to a certain florist. Rob is his name. He knows what flowers i need. Although i am allergic to a certain plant there. My doc tells me to be careful with my allergy. My doc also say i have to be careful with my diabetes

Me: yeah you have to careful with that.

Karen: Yeah the doctor said i have to lay back on all that sugar because I’m gonna lose my foot if i don’t. I don’t’ want to lose my foot. I like my foot. Well my left foot has Arthritis so I’m limping. My doc told that to be careful with the other foot. That is why i have a cane.

Me: Yes the cane, well i hope you have a good day miss.

Karen: oh i will have a good day. My doc always tells me to have a good day. I have to check my meds. Oh my i think i’m out. that’s not good. I have to refill my gout medicine.

Me: yeah Gout ain’t good.

Karen: no sir, but the gout really hurts and i have to take medicine for life for it. Not fun. But that is what the doc gave me. Blah blah blah blah blah.

Continues on for another 7 mins. Meanwhile i’m trying to not to kill myself on the other line.

Karen after 7 mins: Well thank you sir. I hope you have a good day but i have to go feed the cat. Clarence is his name. he is a good boy. I don’t know where he is know. I have not seen him in hours. I’m gonna go find him. have a good day sir.

Me: bye ma’am.

she hangs up.

In total i was on the phone with here for 20 mins. Jebus!!

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