In which I am under direct orders to spend all day on nothing productive

So, I’m getting laid off because the client decided to pull the plug on the whole thing, which means they won’t be needing tech support anymore.

Well, they shut down the inbound phone line a solid two weeks and change before the end of the contract expiration.

As per the contract, we still have a job, despite the fact that the entirety of our job responsibilities have been eliminated.

I asked my lead what we’re to do during work. She said, clock in and punch like we normally do, and they’ll try to find things for us to do. Predictably, no such things ever materialized.

Alright. Reddit, job hunting, and videogames it is then. Oh, and napping, can’t forget that.

This is how far it’s gone: on at least two days now, I clocked in, immediately went back to bed, woke up, clocked out for lunch, took a nap, clocked in again, went back to bed. And actually admitted as much to my lead. She was completely unfazed and nothing came of it.

Gotta love bureaucracy.

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3 years later I am free.

Welp, this sucks.