I’d like to speak to someone else

So to start I’m in the process of being promoted to team lead in my department, no big deal but it means I know what I’m talking about. For a little background I had a baby a month ago so my patience is a little frayed.

Me: Thank you for calling customer service this is me how can I help you?

Billing office lady: Yes hi I called a couple weeks ago about getting some checks re-issued, so I’m just checking on that.

Me: I’d be happy to help with that! Can I have the certificate number, name and date of birth of the insured?

back and forth to verify and find claim check she is referring to

Me: Alrighty I have that check right here, I’m showing that the check hasn’t been reissued, but I’m also showing that there hasn’t been enough time since it was issued to actually do the re-issue. You’ll need to wait forty five business days.

BOL: I’m not waiting that long! I sent the W9 two weeks ago the check needs to be re-issued.

Me: Allllrighty well let me check and see if we at least received the W9. On moment.

brief hold, no form on file obviously

Me: Thank you for holding, so I’m not showing a W9 on file, would you like the fact number to try sending it again?

BOL: I’m not sending anything again!! I MAILED the W9 TWO WEEKS AGO.

Me: Oh, ok well that makes sense then, it probably hasn’t been enough time for the re-issue. What’s the issue with the check?

BOL: The check should say “DR AWFUL” NOT “AWFUL HEALTH CENTER” this is the sixth check that this has happened to. Why cant you get it together over there??

Me: Well I’m showing that Medicare sent us the billing information for your office and the payment was automatically remitted there, is that not the billing office for the doctor?

BOL: It needs to say “DR AWFUL” NOT “AWFUL HEALTH CENTER”. Medicare sent the payment to “DR AWFUL” NOT “AWFUL HEALTH CENTER” I dont understand why this is happening.

Me: Well, Medicare only sends us the billing information for the payment not the specific doctor, it’s not ever an issue so we dont really have a way to fix it except to re-issue them after you give us a W9 with a matching tax ID and the name of the doctor.

BOL: But Medicare made the payment to “DR AWFUL” NOT “AWFUL HEALTH CENTER”.

Me: I understand that. Medicare only sends it to us one way.


Me: Sorry ma’am. Maybe there was some kind of mistake on the claim crossing over. What is the address and tax ID for the doctor.

BOL: gives tax ID and address

Me after a long pause: That’s the tax ID and address the payment was issued to. Did you receive it?


Me: Well if you want you can fax the W9 and once we have it on file you can wait the 45 day waiting period or you can wait for the checks to be processed and re-issued from when you mailed them which should only be a week or two more.

BOL: You dont know what you’re talking about. O want to talk to someone else.

Me after another long pause: Like who?

BOL: Anyone else. A senior colleague. A supervisor.

Me: Ma’am I handle the escalated calls, you’re not going to get a different answer.

BOL: I want your supervisor.

Me: There are no supervisors available but I’d be happy to have someone give you a call back in the next day or two.

note: this isnt true of course but direct escalations are for actual emergencies


Me: Alright one moment.

place her on hold, open up reddit on my phone for a minute or two come back off hold

Me: Thank you for holding! So I did ask around and it looks like there aren’t any supervisors available, would you like to take that callback?

BOL: Hangs up

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