It’s always 5 minutes before break

We do overflow for our other centers across the U.S. just to clarify. Let me set the stage for you, it’s 5 minutes til my 4pm break and a woman is calling in. She’s talking to other people while talking to me and WILL. NOT. STOP. TALKING Can’t get a word in edgewise and the woman is giving me a lot of information I have no where to put in yet because I have to clarify information from page one to move forward. I basically have to interrupt her several times and remind her I am not a trusted friend she should be providing that information to. Then she wants to complain about another account and imply that a vendor was aggressively nice to her in an uncomfortable nice guy kind of way but she can’t get her story straight. Again she will not stop her stream of consciousness talking without breathing. I finally interrupted and said you want me to mark that you do not wish to use that vendor anymore? Ok what else can I help with? In the same nonstop tone. Then she said oh nothing and hung up. 20 mins late I’m on break. Sorry needed to vent.

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Had my first call that actually gave me chills; thought I’d have to refer a patron to our local domestic violence center.

I’d like to speak to someone else