10 years of my life: some good, some bad

i used to work call centers, i started almost as soon as i turned 16 and worked different call centers for a good 10 years before finally moving on to something else (not entirely my own choice)

i’ve had great times:
like the time i had to file a dispute over a lady not receiving her subscription to playboy magazine and getting into a discussion about “chaps and leather” while my boss pulled his hair out (that same call later got used as an example of good customer handling)

the millions of little old ladies i help to understand their tv remotes or smart phones ( i loved educating people)

or the time i got yelled at by a guy because just paid his credit card bill why is it still showing money, to which i explain it was a debit coz he over paid, and then he felt like a jerk and was super apologetic

my time as a supervisor telling all kinds of demanding people “no”

the one…(i’m assuming prank) call about a kid who was hurt in a classroom by himself and his teacher said he could only call our tech support number or the teacher would beat him.

the time someone dropped their phone in a submarine toilet while inside the borders of north korea and didn’t know what to do…..(it was a prank call)

all in all i had mostly good experiences with almost all my calls, if i had any shitty calls i’ve generally forgotten about them.

if i had to complain i’d say my shitty experiences come from the companies i’ve worked for and not the calls themselves….
like the call center that fired a sister center of 1000 people because my subcontracted center of 100 staff bragged that they could totally handle the work of 2000 people….in 90 second talk time or less >.>

or that time i got fired because i “didn’t have the training they expected” even though they didn’t bother to train me on their systems…and then immediately after firing my the manager went on stress leave (because i guess firing me was that stressful he needed 2 weeks paid medical leave in miami )

or, my personal favorite: the time my manager planted NSFW logs on customer public access files using my account so he could then create an elaborate excuse to fire me.

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