I guess I did grow a pair.

So the story begins, I work at a call center.

This woman calls in around the end of my shift. She was fairly hostile the whole call refusing my required sales pitches.

We finally get to the spot to apply the credit card to the order. she speed reads her card to me.

I mistyped it.

And we have a policy where we can’t read them back. So I asked her if she could repeat it again. She aggressively says read it back to me. I tell her I am unable to do that due to company policy. She rips into me screaming about how she is the customer and how she is always right therefore the policy be damned. Still I told we have policies for a reason, to which she bit back telling me as a man I needed learn to grow a pair of b@!!s and stop acting like such a B!t¢*.

By now, I am fuming but I tell her of she continues to act as such I would be authorized to release the call. In reply to this she said I wouldn’t do it because I needed her money.

I gave her one more warning. and she hung up. I muted my phone and said I guess I did grow a pair.

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