Gas station owner thinks it’s crazy how our prices go up.

So for context I work for one of the larger ISP in the states. I help existing business accounts either fix problems they have with their account or make changes. It was towards the end of the day so I wasn’t really feeling like taking anyone’s crap. This guy calls in because his bill went up. I can’t remember exactly what caused it but it was probably in the realm of $5-$10 nothing crazy. Now I am more than happy to go way out of my way to help a customer or offer advice. Makes my job and life easier when I’m dealing with happy people. But if you are going to call in and be a pain and just interrupt when I’m about to offer you helpful advice than it’s your loss.

Below is what is the memorial parts of the conversation. Me is me and GG= gas guy

Me: thanks for calling ______ what’s going on what can I help you with today?

GG: yes I’m calling in because my bill went up and I want it lowered

Me: ok well let’s pull up your account and see what’s going on ( at this point I see for what level of service he has it’s not gonna get any lower.)

Me: well sir it looks like you have the best pricing we have to offer right now. There is….(immediately gets cut off by GG)

GG: this is unacceptable. It’s outrageous how your company thinks they can just raise prices. It’s terrible business.

(As I mentioned I’m not in the mood for people’s crap at this point)

Me: I’m sorry you fee that way sir but you are just as familiar with prices changes than most there is not much more we can do.

GG what do you mean by that?

Me: sir you own a gas station your price on gas goes up and down all the time it’s never the same.

GG: that’s not the same!, plus my friend has an account with you and she’s paying less.

Me: I’m getting the same gas no matter what price I pay. Also without knowing the specifics of your friends account I can’t really give you an answer she could have totally different services from us.

GG: so your not going to help me? hangs up

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