Guy wants to book a hotel room but is way too impatient

He was also an earrape BTW.

Anyways, so I shared my first story about a lady wanting me to finish her homework, and by golly I just remembered this one.

Basically, I was transferred to an online booking website as one of their ‘hotel specialists’. This was before I left the company and the job actually is way too much for me.

There was this one customer back then, just a week after my nesting period who called asking to book a hotel and was basically just chill during the first few minutes of the call, but from the getgo, I really cannot understand him. His accent and the way he just talked indicates that he’s a Black American (no racism intended) and he was talking way too fast.

Throughout the call, I was having a hard time as he was basically just shouting at the phone. Mind you that I suffer from Migraine headaches and loud noises aggravate it. Midway through the call, I get a headache but decided to stick with him. I mean, it’s a potential sale and a sale = good performance rating/incentive.

I asked him if he had an account with our website and he says yes, he does. So, as per policy, I ask his email address. Now, the name on the email address is really complicated so I had a hard time catching it. Still had to stick with it as we were almost done and almost to the billing part.

I asked him to spell it out instead, and he replies with repeating the email address instead. So then I apologize and ask him again to spell it out and he does it this time. Although way too fast. I guess he got mad since his voice rose higher than before and everything he said was just painful to the head.

Anyways, after two times of him spelling it out, I finally find the account, and since I sensed that this guy was really impatient, I tried to finish the call as soon as possible. We got to the credit card information and all, and while I was typing the info, I hear him watching something from his cellphone and laughing and saying something along the lines of ‘You go girl’ and all that, but once I ask him something, he goes full on berserk mode.

I finish typing his info for he reservation and all, and lo and behold, I receive an error. The guy’s account was flagged by our system.

Basically, if an account has been flagged by the system, it means that they a) have tried something fraudulent in the past or b) they are what we call as ‘coupon abusers’, and when the system do flag them, it means that we don’t make a sale, and have to transfer them to customer service.

I explain to customer that I’m receiving an error with the transaction (we’re not allowed to notify the customer about the status of their account) and have to transfer them to customer service. Guy goes ‘Say what?’ in a volume that didn’t need to be in that way. I explain to him again and prayed for the life of me he doesn’t go on a tirade as I already had a headache from his way too loud manner of speaking and to my luck, he doesn’t. I immediately transfer him to CS with joy but also feeling bummed for wasting 15 minutes for his call and ended the day with a nice and chill korean dude from Canada.

PS, I also tried to get along with this dude, asking him what brings him to the area and wishing him a good stay at the hotem.

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