Imagine being this entitled and childish…

I’ve worked at a call center for two years and after going through all advisor tiers, I now do quality call monitoring. I get to hear the worst of the worst. Here’s the craziest one I’ve heard in a while! Tldr at the bottom

Customer = cx Advisor = b

Some context: -B is a senior advisor so he gets the escalated calls from customers who want to speak with a manager. -the client is a HUGE name in tech, they sell phones, tablets and computers. Any product, at the time of purchase, has the option to have extra coverage added for an extra fee. The coverage massively lowers the cost of any accidental damage to the product, usually physical. If the product can’t be repaired, the coverage massively reduces the cost of a replacement. The choice of repairing or replacing is up to the technician that would be working on the product, the customer does not have a say in the outcome.

So here’s how the call went:

B: hey cx, I’m a senior advisor and I’ll be taking ownership of your case until we address all of your issues. What’s going on?

Cx: ok so I just want to say that the store at _____ needs to be shut down. The manager there is RACIST and ABSOLUTE HUMAN TRASH. He refused to replace my phone even though I have the extra coverage and basically accused me of trying to screw over the company. Is this how you guys treat your customers? I’ve been with this company blah blah blah spent thousands of dollars blah blah blah.

B: wow! I’m so sorry about your experience! I can definitely put in a formal complaint to the general manager of that store, and I can get you set up with a repair or replacement through the mail. What happened to your phone?

Cx: it’s completely destroyed. The front and back glasses are shattered and it won’t turn on. I dropped it in the street and I think it got ran over. Why wouldn’t the manager at the store replace it? I have the money for it but he was just treating me like dirt. It has to be because I’m not (whatever race he was.)

B: well let’s get you going here. Do you want me to make an appointment for a different store, or did you want to mail it in to repair center?

Cx decides to go to a different store in his city. So the call goes on for another 30 minutes with cx just spewing a bunch of nonsense about how everyone at the first store is racist and he demands that they all be fired, and he needs compensation for what he’s been through. Eventually b transfers him to the customer relations department because they have more jurisdiction over the stores.

So I looked at all of the notes attached to the case, including notes from the first store cx went to. Turns out, the phone just a had a single crack on the front screen, and the store was going to replace the screen but cx was demanding that the whole thing be replaced. The manager and cx go back and forth, manager explains that there’s no reason to replace the whole phone because it’s repairable.

Cx says to the manager “ok so if I go outside and smash it to fucking hell right now you have to replace it then” to which the manager said “no, that’ll just void your coverage because you intentionally damaged it to get a new phone.” So then cx left, and then called us and talked to b about 30 minutes later.

Tldr; This asshole went outside and deliberately destroyed a $1000 phone because he felt like he was too good to have his phone repaired, and then called in saying the store employees refused to replace his destroyed phone because they were racist.

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