You get a gift, you get a gift, everybody gets a gift

So, about 10 years ago I was working for time Warner cable, here in Mexico we get paid like 1.8 dollars at hour so that’s why a lot of companies put call centers in Mexico.

Well at the beginning of my training my supervisor told that kudos were the real deal, if I get 75% kudos of my calls (nearly impossible) I will get paid a bonus for twice my salary and then he proceed to give me the discount codes for floor managers and just told me to use it wisely.

The first week I put all my effort to help the people, but a dumb mistake make me get suspended by two days (in training they told us that before billing period, billing people look at all the billing notes and apply any correction of needed, this old man call and ask to process the billing check 2 days after the regular date so I put that on the notes and end the call).

I was really upset because I did what they told me to do and then they suspend me a couple of days because “the client” TWC specifically request for my Suspention.

As soon as I go back to work I took my discount codes and start helping all the people giving them free or extra services, do you get a wrong charge? 1 year hbo free, your internet is slow? 50 Mbps for 6 months free, your teenager grand son request an adult movie PPv? Don’t worry I’ll give you $100 credit for future purchases, as it was suppose to happen people ask for my manager or supervisor to give me a kudos, dude, 97% satisfaction, good amount of money this month even with 2 days out of office, well good times has to finish, in about 3 months I get a floor manager call, asking me how did I have the super codes, so I told him that somebody leave a paper with them at my desk, so they start pushing me to leave the company, change my brakes to 20 minute lunch by the clock, every minute away, they discount from my paycheck, I give as much as I can to the customers until one day, the harassment from my superiors and a better job opportunity make me leave that place.

I’ll be posting some other good stories that I have next in a sales call center, have a nice day!

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