But I AM British

When I had first started in my new call centre job (for reference I live in Scotland) I received a call from a man in the South of England.

I greeted him in my usual cheery manner trying to make a good impression. I was met with dead silence. Me: Hello? My names ME how can I help? Customer: What? What? I don’t know what you’re saying. Me: Okay sir I’ll slow it right down for you, I know it can be difficult to understand my accent at times (again, Scottish) C: I don’t know what you’re saying, why can’t I speak to someone from my own country? Me: I’m sorry our call centre is based in Scotland again I’ll try to talk slower and more clearly. C: I DEMAND TO SPEAK TO A BRITISH PERSON. I CANNOT UNDERSTAND A WORD YOU SAYING. YOU FUCKING **** BASTARDS (insert racial slurs here). Me: (speaking as slowly as I can) Sir I am in fact Briti – C: GET ME TRANSFERRED NOW! I WILL NOT SPEAK TO YOU FOREIGNERS.

This continued on for several minutes, with him getting more and more aggressive down the phone until I managed to call the manager over. She attempted to reason with the customer, however received the same abuse for not speaking English well enough.

In the end, we just hung up on him, as there was no hope of communicating with out fully Scottish call centre.

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