Why do you have to lie?

I work for a popular roadside assistance company and we have memberships that are paid annually. Today I got this silly call.

M= me


M: That you for calling ****. My name is Noodles. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with.

C: yea this is Lyingmoron. I just looked at my statements from last year and I see you charged me $170. This is ridiculous and I need to know why you did that. I did receive a notice or anything saying I would be charged that much!

M: Oh wow. Well I’ll go ahead and see what happened there. (Goes through verification) Okay so looking at the membership I see you have our highest tier membership and you have two people on it so that’s the reason it comes out to $170.

C: Listen ma’am in September 2017 I got a promotion in the mail saying that I could upgrade free for the rest of the year and then I would be charged the full price of $170 at renewal.

Me: Yes and your membership renewed for $170 in June of 2018.

C:Well why was I never informed of this?!

M: You just said you received the notice saying you would be charged the full price at renewal.

C:stammers Well…I must have misunderstood. I want a full refund.

M: ma’am you had the service almost a whole year. We can only give a prorated refund.

C:ugh. Get me a manager. This is ridiculous. Im not paying for something I wasn’t made aware of!

M: Sure bear with me one moment.

Why….just why?? I know you’re lying!

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