The force was with me that day

I read a story a few minutes ago that reminded me of a story that I’d almost forgotten about, and just HAD to tell this one. I’ll leave details vague for privacy issues, though.

When I worked at “Horizon,” I got a call from a very nice woman who told me she wanted to improve her service. So i pull it up, and see the name on it, and recognize it. Let’s just say the initials were M.H, and that it was somewhere on the west coast.

“M.H…he isn’t an actor is he?”

“Yes, he is,” she said back, I could almost hear the smile on her face.

“He’s not THE M.H, is he?”

“Uh huh.” At this point I started fangirling, despite the fact that I was a 20 year old male (still male, but no longer 20) and blurted out:

“OH MY GOD, THAT’S SO COOL!” I’d heard about the odd celebrity call, but had never expected to get one myself. Anybody who knows Star Wars will know full well who M.H. is, and may know his wife’s name, who has the same initials.

The call went very straight-forward from there on, but I managed to ask a couple of fan questions like “do you ever have to deal with crazy people,” “is he nice,” stuff like that, even heard him in the background when she asked him his opinion on the suggested improvements. Mrs. M.H. is very nice, for anyone who’s wondering, though as I said I didn’t speak to Luke (oops) and though I’d forgotten about it, it’s one of my favorite memories from that job.

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