Psycho Scream

I used to work in the Billing/Technical department for a major tv subscription company. Most customers calling in regarding bills called because their service had been switched off (unpaid bill), most calls to tech were for No Satellite Signal Received. You can imagine the majority of my customers were not happy bunnies.

One of the rules was to always give rude/abusive customers 3 warnings before ending a call, no excuses. On this particular day I had received multiple aggressive customers. I got to the end of a call with a very loud/angry customer who was refusing to pay their bill yet still wanted their service to resume, typical call really…

So in comes my next call seconds later. This person was SCREAMING into the headset – a proper angry psycho sounding scream. My guess is they’d been hung up on by another advisor. Usually I’m very tolerant, but I’ve never experienced someone scream at me before I even speak! I instantly hung up on them, went into Unplanned Break and left my desk for a breather. There’s no way anyone could make me deal with that shit.

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