“That’s not what we do.”

My job.

I administer claims… under ADA the employer is making accommodations for the employee. You would assume since the employer is making the decision to administer this type of thing they would be aware that they are calling the shots.

At the call center we initiate these claims, send out the paperwork and then send the completed paperwork from the employee over to the employers that they can make their decision.

One fine day I was on the receiving end of a phone call from HR. “DUDE” was yelling screaming, I can only assume flailing his arms about, asking me why we had not approved his employees ADA claim (how dare we). I had to actually explain to this “DUDE” that we do not approve his employees ADA leave. I had an HR representative fighting with me about who approves his employees ADA leave.

What school did this joker go to?? His poor employees! My company is not able to approve his dumb leave. This was the dumbest conversation I’ve ever had with a human being. Especially since this person was screaming at me and at the same time telling me not to talk over him even though I had never said a word… customer service sucks!

What do you think?

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