Hung up on a customer today

I’ll give a little bit of background before I get into the story. I work as an escalation/resolution specialist in a call center. If you work in a call center, you probably know what I do. If you don’t, I basically take calls from customers that ask to speaker with a supervisor.

I got a customer transferred to me who I was told was upset because she had called several times to get help on the phone, but there was a note in the system that stated that another department needed to speak to speak to her. That department was not open yet (it was about 7:45am EST and they opened at 9am EST). Here’s how it went down.

Me: Welcome to Company I Work For, this is /u/forever_a10ne. I need to advise this call may be monitored or recorded. Can I please get your first and last name?

Stupid Bitch (SB): -Deep sigh- My name is Stupid Bitch.

Me: Thank you. Now, the other rep told me a bit about what the problem was before she transferred you over. It does, in fact, look like another department needs to speak with you. I can see that you’ve tried to get help several times already and I do apologize that you haven’t been able to get through to them…

(SB is mumbling curse words)

Me: … I’d transfer you over myself, but, like the previous rep did state, the department does not open for another hour or so. I’d be happy to give you their number—

SB: You dick-sucking faggot. YOU DICK-SUCKING FAGGOT!!!


I hung up. Being LGBT, I really wasn’t in the mood to put up with someone calling me a faggot first thing in the morning. I let my supervisor know what happened and she said I should have maybe tried to de-escalate a little bit more, but she understood entirely. Like, what? I was supposed to let her call me a faggot a few more times before I let her know I still can’t help her because the department she needs to speak with is closed? I’m one of the best escalation reps in my department and she wasn’t about to give me shit.

Oh, and it turns out that Loss Prevention, the department that wanted to talk to her, closed all her accounts with us. Serves you right, stupid bitch.

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