40 Seconds of my life I’ll never get back

I didn’t take this call personally but I was present the night it happened and then later got to listen to it during a meeting with my boss and a couple other supervisors…

We have limited French speaking staff on midnights so sometimes our French calls have to wait longer than we’d like. This particular call was in queue for about 25 mins. Not great, but also not the worst I’ve seen.

The agent picks up the call to heavy breathing and moaning and warily begins her greeting only to have the man on the other end go “oh my gosh I’m so sorry I was on hold for so long you caught me master bating, this is so embarrass- and the agent hung up.

The guy must have been a troll or a weird lonely dude looking for attention.

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“That’s not what we do.”

I promise I am not accusing you of lying.