"That dog don’t hunt!"

Worked in a home mortgage banking call center about 12 years ago. Customer calls because the bank made an overpayment to a part of his escrow. The overpayment was returned to his escrow account but he thought it should have gone directly into his checking.

Me: Sir, we can’t place it in your checking because Federal regulations specify that we must have a certain balance in the escrow.

Him: That dog don’t hunt! You would still have had funds in the escrow!

Me: Yes sir but not enough…

It had been going back and forth like this for about ten minutes. Normally I would have escalated to a sup but everyone was slammed and their queue was at least a 20 minute wait. I put him on hold while I counted to ten and rethought my approach. I ended up breaking down the escrow payments and calculating specifically what the Federal government requires in each instance. Finally the dog did hunt.

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