Saw the “is call center depression real” post and here’s my story/rant (sorry in advance for formatting)

Yup today was my last straw. I’ll tell you the call center I worked for took the cake of worst places to work. They preach to you and I even I did to myself for over 6 months that “it’s over the phone so they can’t beat you up” yeah sure but the mental abuse isn’t even one of the worse things I experienced.

1.) My schedule is literally at will of someone calling in. 2.) Saying “leave your job at work” is a lot easier when it isn’t literally at 12 hours of your day. 3.) My off days feel like off minutes. Literally will speed past so fast and before you know it beep you’re saying your ridiculously long intro. 4.) Will hire ANYONE and I mean it. 5.) 15 minute breaks feel like 15 seconds. 6.) Your lunch may be 30 minutes one day or an hour another day. 7.) I have never had this much anxiety in my life and I’m a veteran. 8.) I have to smoke at least 2 blunts per day just to get through the bs.

Just a quick summary but my last call wasn’t even all that bad. It was some woman who randomly got transferred to me while someone was “helping her”. At first I seriously became interested in helping assist her but then I realized, why am I always the only that cares about these people? Like it’s not hard to tell someone the right information as long as you have a company that stands behind you. Unfortunately if you work for a call center you know that’s not always the case. Like this cable company literally screws people over by encouraging them to get services they don’t need. When I worked for their “Loyalty” department they were trying to get me to push gamer type speed internet on elderly. Like even when I worked as a delivery driver I felt better about myself when I went home. Here, I feel like a piece of shit constantly. Our computers always freeze on us in the middle of calls which is uncomfortable telling an already angry customer what’s going on. I get the most devilish headache out of nowhere when at work or at home. Like randomly in a cluster I’ll get a throbbing headache that won’t quit until I either swallow Ibuprofen or go to sleep. To make matters worse any second you miss in a call center is the worst thing that can happen to you and it’s not because you’re no longer a subject matter expert on something you do 50 times per day, no, it’s because if you’re not there, you don’t matter. Call centers work very hard at dehumanizing you but if they even slightly care about reviews they’ll give you litter knickknacks for being a loyal robot such as free coffee, free popcorn, free pens, maybe even giveaways of stuff you’d rather just receive the extra money instead. There’s decent call centers out there but there’s a couple things you’ll never beat: rude people, wearing a headset, headaches, vision issues, and worst of all trying to provide empathy to EVERY situation you hear. I’ll be so much more happier when this is over.

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