My first and last day on the job

You’re all saints to me. I lasted one shift at a call center. Here’s the story:

I really needed extra cash (leaving an abusive relationship) and the university alumni association had just been revamped. They hired about thirty of us and put us through the most boring training. It was almost two weeks of (paid) training, just learning the system, swapping stories with veterans, and learning about some technicalities (like, the schools name had changed and some alumni might not realize who we were because of it).

Anyway, I was in a bad mental state but I thought I could tough it out because $$$$$

My first day…

No one answers my call. I go through about ten names before the 11th person answers. It’s my friend, who won’t be an alumni for another month. She laughs at me and hangs up.

My twelfth call..

An elderly lady picks up. She’ll be EL in the story.

EL: hello? (Soft piano music in the background)

Me: Hi! I’m calling from [university]. May I speak to [name]?

EL: That’s my husband. What is this about?

Me: I’m calling from [university] alumni association. We’re looking for donations to rebuild our library atrium. May I speak to your husband?

EL: I’m at his wake.

Me: Pardon?

EL: I am burying my husband tomorrow. No you cannot speak to him. He’s dead.

I quit right after she hung up on me. And then I cried in the bathroom because I just asked a widow if her dead husband could donate money to a school he hasn’t attended in 50 years.

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