Rapport is strong here, customer wanted my phone number!

TL:DR: swapped life stories while processes running; customer wants my number so I can mentor his son.

I’ve had a lot of customers reach out to my leadership, and it always makes me feel great, but this one was new.

Customer was not very literate with their system, so I was happy to remote in and educate them. I prefer to show and educate than just do and hang up.

Some of the processes take time, so we engage in quite a lot of conversation. I basically get his entire life’s story, he basically gets mine. We both have kids, around the same age, and we digress about parenthood. He has certain political views, that while I couldn’t really engage on, made me inwardly clap. We both lived in the same state, enjoy similar activities, etc. His oldest son is off to college, and planning on studying my major. So I go into the pros and cons, and what I would have done differently. At this point the rapport is strong here. By the end of the conversation, he’s asking if I can text his son and mentor them. Of course I turn him down, sadly though. He even asked if I could just email him, or “find him on Facebook”.

I was sad not to be able to engage further with this guy, but I’m happy that I made that kind of impression on someone over the phone.

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