One of my most memorable calls

I worked in the call center division of a major airline for 36 years. On the phones as an agent or supervisor for 18 or so of those years. Almost all airlines have usually three levels to their frequent flyer programs. We’ll call them Timber, Lead, and Steel here. They usually have a separate number to call and the airline breaks the calls down internally based on the level. Generally the Steel get the more experienced agents. Any airline employee will tell you – it’s not the Steel or the Lead guys that are the problem. They know the rules and how it all operates. It’s those SOBs at the Timber level. AKA “the goddamn entitled wannabes”. So I get a Timber one day. And he wants something so far out of the realm of possibility that a normal person would be embarrassed to even ask. We go back and forth for a good 20 minutes on this idiocy. By then my heels are so dug in I can’t see my ankles anymore. He is NOT getting this. So he pulls his trump card. “If I tell them you were rude will I get what I want?”. My response after a few seconds “Yes, you probably would.” After a few more seconds “If you really want to live your life that way.”



“Nevermind. And I do apologize.” And hung up. I have always credited him for the apology.

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I really hope he was kidding…….