I really hope he was kidding…….

So this story also happened when I was working for a satellite tv provider as customer service/tech support, but unlike my other story, this one actually happened to me. Also kinda long.

So I answer a call, and get the following convo-

BG (bill guy): Yeah, I’m calling about my bill, why is it so high this month?

Me: I’m sorry for that sir, let me look at that for you.

So I pull up his bill, and see not one, not two, but SEVEN porn PPVs on his bill. And these aren’t the normal movie PPVs, these are the $15.99-for-a-3-hour-block-of-porn PPVs.

Me: Sir, I do see you have 7 PPVs on your bill, so that’s why it is high this month.

BG: Look, I only ordered 2 of those PPVs ( ew, TMI, dude, TMI) so why are there 7 there?

Me: OK, sir, if I can place you on a brief hold I’ll take a look and see where they came from.

So at that time we had a sort of back-end system, where we could pull up an account and it showed us not only what box a PPV was ordered on, but the exact date and time as well. (It got removed about a year later when they “updated” our system which ticked off everybody). So I check his account and see the 2 he ordered last month, then go back further and found the other 5 PPVs, which were ordered about 3 months before, noted the dates and times, and went back to BG.

Me: OK, sir, it looks like those movies were ordered on your box on and at these times.

BG: (loooooong pause then) I’m gonna kill that kid….

Me: Excuse me sir?

BG: That was when my son was here for spring break. Thank you for your help. (Hangs up).

I really, really hope he was joking……….

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