My saddest call (With a happy ending)

So I worked for a photo gift and stationery company as a CS rep. The rules on what we were and weren’t allowed to give customers were pretty open, if you felt like the situation needed you to give them something for free, or even an additional gift certificate you were allowed.

Me = Me

PBL = Photo Book Lady

Me: Good afternoon, * customer care how may I help you?

PBL: Hi, I was wondering if you had any promotions today.

Me: Well yes, you can check on the website what promotions we have at the top banner, today for example we have 40% off.

PBL: Oh well I was actually wondering if you had any special promotions you could do. My daughter worked really hard to be able to buy some photo books for the family (Which were Christmas gifts), but when they got here my husband (Who has alzheimers or some other mental disorder) got rid of the books and we don’t know what he did with them. We have no money to purchase new ones but we might be able to scrape some money together if we get a bigger discount.

Clarifying, she was almost crying throughout all this

Me: Actually because of the situation, I can go ahead and send you a full reorder of your photo books with rush shipping so you can get it as soon as possible.

Then PBL broke down crying (Which I almost did too), she was extremely thankful and asked to speak to my supervisor to say how thankful she was.

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