The ATM won’t give me any money.

This wasn’t my phone call, but my friend got it and told me about it. We worked for a financial services call center so we dealt with lost and stolen cards and fraudulent activity. We worked second meaning the banks were closed during our shift so most of the lost and stolen calls were some variant of “my cards not working”

This lady calls in and my friend gets her and she says

Lady: I’ve been trying to get cash but this atm won’t give me any money.

Friend: let me get the card number so I can check the status of your account.

We could plug it in our system and see the status of the card and some transactions. A lot of times they would have a fraud case they ignored when we called them about it and by now they’d have a restricted status. That wasn’t the case here. My friend pulled up her info and she had about 20 attempted transactions at red box that HAD restricted her card. My friend was confused and said

Friend: ma’am are you at a red box?

Lady: I’m at a red ATM. It keeps trying to sell me movies.

Friend trying not to laugh: ma’am redbox is a movie rental kiosk. You need to find an atm.

Lady: I thought this was an atm.

Friend: you should find another one. I have unrestricted your card now.

Lady: thanks! I’ll find a different ATM.

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