Must be Mighty Inconvenient to Be A Free Inhabitant

Omg I got the best call ever.

I got a sovereign citizen on the line!!!

Now a bit of context I work with state run health insurance (Medicaid) and if you are not a us citizen and you can’t prove that you’ve been in the US legally for at least 5 years then you qualify for the absolute shittiest insurance we offer.


Now how limited is limited.

Emergency services only.

This is the point of contention for the Sovereign Citizen (known henceforth as SC).

Me: Thank you for cal-

Sc: I need to know why I only qualify for Limited coverage and the last person couldn’t tell me

Me: May I have your member Id?

Sc:(gives id).

Me: alright so it looks like you do have limited let me put you on hold so I can figure out what’s going on here

SC: okay.

So while on hold the first thing I do is read the most recent call log where it becomes apparent that I’m dealing with a sovereign citizen. I smile make some extra preparations and bring the member back online”

Me: Hello Ma’am I have a couple of questions for you so I can check if what we have on file is correct Are you a U.S. citizen.

SC: No I’m a Free inhabitant.

Me: Can you prove that you have legally resided in In the United States for at least 5 years?

SC: Well Pursuant to (insert the regular word gymnastics and pseudo legal fuckery employed by most sovereign citizens) and that’s why I don’t need to prove I’ve resided in this country lawfully to receive full Medicaid.

With a smile on my face I put on my best fake phone voice and replied.

Me: Well actually Ma’m (I then read the actual regulation regarding eligibility for limited coverage. Which is completely in Hi-legalese )

Sc:……..uh what

Me: In layman’s terms if you are not a U.S. citizen and you are unable to or unwilling to provide valid legal documentation that prove you have resided in the United States lawfully fo a minimum of 5 years to the day. You qualify for For limited coverage. Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

Sc: Yes I Sent in a valid legal documentation that proves I have resided in the United States lawfully fo a minimum of 5 years.

Me: Oh I have your self attestment letter pulled up right now. It was rejected due to not being a valid proof of us residency.


Me: Not it’s not but these are (reads entire list of acceptable Proof of Us Residency Documents) do you have any of these?


Me: Okay But Non Us citizens, free inhabitants included must prove, that they have resided lawfully in the United states for a minimum of 5 years to receive full coverage if not then you only can receive limited coverage.

(Note there are exceptions but they’re extreme, being a “Free inhabitant” is not one of them and I wasn’t giving this lady any leverage to scam Medicaid).


There this was my end goal now I am allowed to disconnect

Me:Have a nice day!


That call made my day.

Now I’m gonna try to find a video of a Sovereign Citizen trying to cross an International border, for science of course.

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