I got the company I work 3rd party for "sued"

This happened a few months ago but it’s still something I occasionally chuckle at. I work currently as a 3rd party outbound agent for a online advertising company. I’m good at my job and generally am the person that more troublesome customer will be routed to before being sent to a supervisor. Last year our corporate overlords decided that our outbound teams cannot not holder assist with Account Issues and have to transfer calls to our understaffed inbound team.

So I had a very lovely individual call in complaining about charges from an account that was in his words “shut down”. While attempting to pry info to attempt to find his account I realized that the account wasn’t shut down his email was locked. For context when you email is locked we can send you a code to unlock it and this takes literally 30 secs. The account in question was created in January and this call takes place in December. We had been charging him effectively for a year at this point during which as his own admission he didn’t try to get access to the account.

He is upset stated that he didn’t have time to get the email unlocked and that if we didn’t refund him he was going to contact a lawyer. Never threaten to contact a lawyer it give me an out during the call. Despite my better instincts I ignore the lawyer comment and attempt to help him. Now I can’t get him access to the account I would have to transfer him. Which I attempt to do, his response is that I’m not handling the issue as he begins to get louder. The best part about this job is that as long as I remain professional I can deal with customers how I like and get to pull out my favorite gem “Sir if you continue to yell at me I will have to disconnect this call.” He calms down and then threatens about a lawyer again so I can pull out my next “If you threaten legal action I can no longer assist you”. After that I finally get to transfer him to a supervisor.

He effectively does the same thing to her. Yelling and threatening to get a lawyer. Supe says that she’ll she what she can do about an refund. Needless to say the refund is denied because the call took zero steps to fix the email issue and waited til December to attempt to call in. You would think that would be the end of it but no. He responded to the refund denial letter threatening legal action and then two days later emailed us a subpoena. This makes this no longer our issue and we can close the ticket.

the reason why I get a chuckle outta this. Our TOS say that if you sue us you pay not only your legal fees but our as well. All this over about $280

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