Mobility Service Providers.

Who here works Customer Service for a major mobile carrier?

I work for Bell Mobility. It’s been just under a year & I can slowly feel the life getting sucked out of me. I’ve always been a people person…very talkative & friendly… so I figured this job would be fine while searching for a career in my field of study. WRONG.

The amount of shit we have to put up with everyday is insane. From the verbal abuse to people who are beyond entitled…it’s too much. People seem to forget we are real people & see us simply as the person who caused all their issues with their billing single handedly. Nothing like getting screamed for someone else’s mistake!!

The stats we are expected to keep up with are quite unrealistic aswell. From transferring customers to supervisors or making credits due to other agents errors. A lot of it is unavoidable & if we are above average…we are penalized. I’m sorry but if “Karen” is screaming in my ear over something ridiculous that I am unable to fix due to company policy & she is demanding a supervisor…what am I supposed to do? Tell her no?

Or my favourite one. Customers going over their data…calling in to add more & the previous agent not backdating it…causing us to have to do a $300 adjustment in one go. There goes my stats for the month!!

Sorry for the venting guys. Who can relate?!

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