Maybe let me explain the policy?

I had a guest call in about canceling a reservation. After I went through my shpeal about who I am and company name this conversation transpired. C=caller m=me

C – the site lied about the price of my reservation. My receipt says the amount should have be X but when I made the reservation it said it was going to be Y. I want to cancel and I want a full refund. This is all your fault.

M – you had a coupon so the price you saw (y) was how much you would be charged. We charged you for y amount. Y plus coupon = x

C – No! I didn’t use a coupon, that was supposed to be a refund from something else.

M – You chose coupon instead of refund when dealing with something else. I can cancel reservation for you, but I would like to go over the policy first.

C – No! I don’t want to hear about your policy, I just want this canceled.

M – Uh, okay.

C – So I’ll get my full refund for canceling and for the something else, right?

M – No, you will get z amount because-

C – This was your fuck up, I should be getting a full refund for everything.

M – Well-

Call disconnects.

Due to privacy issues and the fact that I still work at said company, it’s vague, but hopefully not confusing.

It just amazes me when people don’t want to hear what will happen if they cancel a reservation with us, then complain when they don’t get a full refund.

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