Must have known Steve.

Apologies in advance, I’m on mobile. Lol

I worked for a phone company call center 2 years ago and one day in July, I got a call from a woman who was adamant that she paid her phone off(it was on a 2 year device payment plan). She swore up and down that it was paid off back in May and she “doesn’t understand why I was trying to screw her out of money” because “it was the 2 year mark in May for her having the phone”. Her phone was an iPhone that still had 3 months of payments left on it. She got it in September when all the new iPhones come out every year on a special deal. Once she calmed down I explained to her that she still had a few months of payments left and that it hadnt been 2 years yet but again, she started yelling about “OH NUH UH, MY PHONE IS PAID OFF. IT’S ALREADY BEEN OVER 2 YEARS NOW. YOU BETTER CREDIT ME. YOU TRYNA STEAL MY MONEY. YOU BITCH.” …You know the drill. Lol At this point I’m tired of hearing her talk and decided to end it. So I pulled up the phone information page that shows when the phone came out, the price monthly, etc. I asked her, “So you got the phone in May?” She says, “Yes I did! That’s what I have been saying isn’t it!? You better credit me back my money!” And I say, “Well damn, do you know somebody at Apple and have the hookup because that phone didn’t even release until September that year! That’s amazing! You must know people in high places to pull that off!”

DEAD ASS SILENCE FOR 30 SECONDS(felt like forever)


I just chuckled and said, “Sure thing, Mrs. Jobs.”

I went and told my manager about it. She also laughed at the lady because I totally caught her in a lie, and when we came back to the phone she had hung up on me. 😂😂😂

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