Why’s a lifeguard got to know how to swim?

Working in a call center really shows The lvl of stupid in the world. i thought food service was bad when it came to the stupid factor. but everyday I see new lvls of stupid. The call center I work in provides a variety of different certifications for both personal and professional uses. Such as CPR and lifeguarding. I get moms calling all the time for their grown ass kids… we’re talking college kids 18 n up. asking why little Johnny didn’t pass his certification test or why is it expired. begging for an exception because Johnny has had a hard time or he forgot so it isn’t his fault. but my new favorite was the call I got a few days ago.
disclaimer I’m going to use her exact words
me thank you for calling xxx my name is xxx how can I help you?

customer my son be 19. why he gotta know how to swim to be a lifeguard. he just gotta sit Dere n watch da water he ain’t even gotta get in. so why he gotta swim?

me: stares at screen blinks blinks blinks because a lifeguard needs to know how to swim in the event they need to help a person who may be drowning.

customer: other people will be there. they can do dat he need dis for school so he can go cheaper.

me I’m sorry ma’am those are the requirements . is there anything else I can help you with today. thank you for calling xxx have a good day.

me stares at screen trying to process of that call really just happened….

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