How I made a customer’s child cry on Christmas Eve

I worked for a company that contracted with a major cell phone service provider. I had a customer call in on Christmas Eve and was wanting to order a brand new iPhone for her daughter. our conversation went a little something like this

m = me c=crazy lady

m: Yes ma’am I would be.more than happy to go ahead and get that new phone ordered for you.

c: So, I need the iPhone plus in rose gold 256 gb m: That’s a nice phone! Let’s go ahead and get that ordered. proceed to go through the whole order process and get to the end where we deal with shipping.

m: So standard shipping is free and it will be there approximately 12/?? or we can do expedited shipping for $xx.

c: Well that isn’t going to work, I need it to be here under the tree Christmas morning!

m: (Pause) Oh my, well then my suggestion then would be to stop in a local store, as this is a national call center, so you can have it in hand right away.

c: I have been to the stores and everyone is out!! I need this for tomorrow!!

m: ma’am I understand your frustrations, but there is no way we can get this to you by tomorrow. even if we could do over night shipping FedEx isn’t running tomorrow either.

I kid you not, this woman went on a 20 minutes tirade for me to CALL FedEx and UPS and MAKE them deliver her package. She ended the call by screaming at me that I have ruined her daughter’s Christmas and I hope I enjoy making a 7 year old cry.

What do you think?

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