The only time I ever had to call the police on a caller

I worked for a large ISP, the first call center job of dealing with regular customers instead of other employees trying to get password changes.

A whole lot of nut bags angry that they cant figure out the one power button on the remote. But one lady stuck out to me and I’ll always remember her.

Started off regular, verify name and such, then she starts sobbing into the phone while telling me her tv was shut off (the area had gone digital and she required a cable box to watch tv instead of plugging the tv directly into the wall). So I do what I can to calm her down, listen. To her pleas, call time be damned. Of course she lives in a condo apartment where the cable is paid for along with rent so that’s already out of my “jurisditcion” as I handle home owners/renters and other folks who are not forced to use our services.

About 10 minutes into the call, I’m telling her its impossible to send a tech out with a cable box since it’s at least 2 hours past any field techs working billable hours, and the only overnight techs are those that fix the poles during emergencies and such.

Shes still bawling all this time, and my heart goes out to her and I understand what it’s like to be missing a service you rely on. She starts talking about classical music, like Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and that calms her down a bit where shes talking normal. Then mentions how shes just going to swallow a bunch of pills and fall asleep listening to music and never wake up again.

Start typing up a distress message to the lead chat for any available lead to help me get the cops to her address. I verify her address while talking about classical music and “looking up” possibilities to get a tech out there. That’s another 15 minutes waiting for the police to show up. She answers the door while talking to me “my neighbors must have called the cops on me again” and I can hear her lie to the cops over the phone about “I’m not doing anything I’m just listening to music, no I’m not trying to kill myself”.

The leading police officer then speaks to me, I explain to him about what she said, what her issue is and that we cannot send a tech out there no matter what, it would have to wait until morning.

I had to take a longer break after that.

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