The customer that wanted to shoot the technician

For a few summers, I worked for a warranty company but I worked in the technician department. I rarely had to handle customers unless I needed more information from them. This one was the craziest account I ever dealt with.

My supervisor lets me know they are sending over an escalated case my way because they had a long meeting and didn’t have time to deal with it. Pretty common. Usually it is us refusing service and the customer is pissed. This one was different. I read the notes of the previous person who dealt with this lucky man.

The crazy customer (CC) TV didn’t turn on so they called us. We dispatched a tech to help him. CC was becoming irate because tech was taking too long to fix it. CC starts to threaten tech and the tech is not having it. He tells CC if he doesn’t calm down, he is leaving. CC pulls out a rifle. A RIFLE. Tech is getting the fuck outta there. CC decides to shoot his phone first out of frustration, I guess? Or maybe because he is fucking nuts. Tech looks back and sees him pointing it the direction towards him but doesn’t shoot. Maybe he was too far away or a bit of sense came back to him. This tech refuses to go back out there (I don’t blame him) and we can no longer fix his TV.

So I become the lucky one of having to call him to let him know since he threaten the tech we no longer will service his TV. There are two phone numbers. As long as we leave a voicemail, we don’t need to call them back. I’m praying that I pick the phone that he shot. I dial the first number, my heart is racing, and it goes to voicemail! I tell him something along the lines of, “Due to you shooting your phone the tech refuses to return. We are cancelling service.”

The only unfortunate thing is, I never found out if he called into the hotline again. He was nuts.

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