Revenge Against In-Store Reps

I used to work at a Verizon call center. On my last day I received a call from a store representative. His customer was upset because they weren’t getting the trade in credit on their phones that he told them they would be getting. The rep had sold them four new phones and had them trade in their old phones. The reason they weren’t getting trade value for their phones is because they showed up to the warehouse with shattered screens.

All four of them.

I reviewed the account which showed they had already tried to get credit and had an investigation opened showing that the boxes received at the warehouse were in perfect condition.

I told the rep this and he says “Phones break all the time, dude. Do you even have one?”

I tell him of course I do, but I’ve never shattered a screen on mine. I tell him I don’t understand why I should be on the hook for these credits when the investigation has been closed and the shipper and the warehouse have been found not at fault.

He replies, “Customer experience, bud. We’re on the same team. I’ll speak with your supervisor.”

So I place him on hold, explain to my supervisor what’s going on and mid-conversation I decide, it’s my last day, who cares what happens. So I sit back down and ask for his supervisor.

I get put on hold and immediately the supervisor picks up and asks what’s the problem.

I tell him I’m trying to figure out why I should be responsible for $400 worth of credit when I know that stores are able to issue credits and when the investigation is over and we’ve been found at fault. He tells me that standard practice for trade-ins is to take the phone and drop it down a chute into a bucket and then package everything up to send it out. He keeps telling me that he’s has Customer Service do this before and doesn’t know why I’m being difficult about it.

I ask him if he doesn’t think that maybe the phones got shattered this way. He again tells me that it is standard to do so.

I tell him best I can do for him is open another investigation. He wants the credits now. I tell him his options are to either issue the credits himself or wait for the new investigation. He accepts and I finally get this guy off the phone.

Part of me wishes I could have checked up on the outcome but like I said that was my last day. I worked there for about 8 months and many times I had to untangle some garbage a store rep told someone or cancel a line that someone got roped into and it ended up hurting my bonus. So maybe it’s petty but I absolutely didn’t open a new investigation. The store can deal with their own problems.

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  1. I’m with you—- the indirect are the worst~ if they wanna waive upgrade or activation fee, do it…. Don’t tell them I’m going to. It’s a valid charge (per company)

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