"I asked her to wait!"

I got a call from insured today that was pissed another CSR disconnected the call after the insured put us on hold for 10 minutes.
She wanted them to wait so she could put on her pajamas. The fact that she told them it would be a while meant they should have waited longer.
She called us and then tried to make us wait so she could get in her pajamas so she could be comfortable during the call. I would have never waited 10 minutes and that CSR was more patient than most.

I had to remind her that she was the one that made the decision to return a call without her pjs on. I also had to remind her that her policy contract requires her to cooperate with our investigation as her insurance company and she’s been failing to do so for over several months.
This was all irrelevant to her.

Apparently part of our verification for inbound calls should include, “Thank you for calling, are you snuggled up in your pjs? Because I’m going to insurance claim you so hard.” /s

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