Just a couple of slices of a call

Me: Good morning sir, thanks for calling $Company, you’re speaking to bastar-

Grumpy Customer: get me a manager.

Me: I’m actually a member of our senior support team sir. I’d be the best person to talk to. Can I start with your nameand best contact number please?

GC: No. You can’t have my details. And how can you be a manager if you’re the first person who answered the call?

Me: Our calls are routed to the first person who is available. I am a senior member of the team and typically handle escalated calls. I’m empowered as a manager, and I’d love to help you

GC: That’s a fucking lie. But let’s see how bad you can screw this up before I talk to your boss I guess.

Call continues, guy tells me that his calls drop out if his wifi drops out. I check settings, everything looks ok. I get him to switch off the wifi, and the call stays connected every time.

GC: This is fucking BULLSHIT. I KNOW you changed something on your side to try to make me look like an idiot

Me: Rest assured sir, I haven’t changed a thing. But it’s okay – you’ve called us about the issue, so I can document it in case it recurs-

GC: NO. You will STAY ON THE PHONE with me until we can make this happen again.

We switch off the wifi a total of 7 times, and not once does the call disconnected. This customer is insulting me and shouting the whole time that I must have “done something on the backend to make him look like he’s lying” and carrying on that he’s going to sue me personally, etc.

Me: OK sir, it appears that if there was an issue it is resolved now

GC: NO. You’re gonna call me personally tomorrow to check it. I don’t wanna explain to anyone else

Me: Sir, tomorrow is my day off and I won’t be able to call you myself-

GC: (at this point it sounds like the man is completely broken his brain and he’s screaming down the phone) I don’t give a FUCK if it’s your day off you FUCKING IDIOT. If I say call me at this time you fucking call me. Haven’t you ever heard of a thing called “The customer is always right?” you moron? You’re going to COME TO WORK AND DO YOUR JOB. CALL ME TOMORROW AT 9.

Me: Sir, you refused to provide your contact information. Even if I was going to come in on my day off, I don’t have any details to call you back


Well. Just copped an hour of personal insults and verbal abuse over an issue that couldn’t be recreated. Luckily, we don’t have his information on file and I have no idea what his phone number is. But goddamn do I feel sorry for the next person to take his call.

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