People think PBM’S control the world.

This is from years ago when I worked in a Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) call center. M=me OG=old guy

M: Hello thank you for calling (Company Name), may I help you today?

OG: What did you guys do I can’t contact (Pharmacy Name) anymore.

M: I am sorry sir, let me validate your information and I will look at what is happening.

Insert validation fight here

M: ok sir can you provide me with more information about what you mean that you can’t contact (Pharm)?

OG: when I call I get (local business who’s name I have long since forgotten) instead!

M: can you tell me the phone number you are dialing?

OG: 555-867-5308 (forgot real phone number)

M: I see the problem sir the phone number is 555-867-5309 would you like me to transfer you to them?

OG: no I went to the Pharm in person because I could not call though I demand to know why you changed the Pharm’s phone number.

M: I am sorry sir I think I miss heard you can you repeat that question.

OG: why did you f’ing company change the phone number to (pharm) without telling me.

M: sir we don’t have the ability to change another companies phone number also I don’t think that this pharmacy changed their number recently. I think that you just had their number incorrect.

Note this was when I was fairly new and didn’t know how big of a can of worms pointing out that the customer made an error actually is

Insert approximately 1 hour of OG swearing and insulting everything from the company I work for to me personally and then asks for a supervisor.

Never got an official training but did have a chuckle with supervisor when she came up and said, “that is why you never point out when the patient has made a stupid mistake”

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