No calling back wont give you a different answer

So this happened today. I work for a call center for a video streaming service and occasionally you have people unable to pay the monthly bill which stops service until it’s paid or cancelled. We do have a grave period in place for some accounts but it’s not guaranteed to always be available. Me=me, cx=customer

Me: thanks for calling ____ I’m me, whom am I speaking to? Cx: good morning my name is Cx, I won’t have my paycheck till next week, my account is off can you turn it back on Me: I can take a look for you but we can never guarantee any extensions. What’s the email. (Proceed to spend a few minutes finding the email then get her account pulled up.) Me: so ma’am we do not have any extensions, it is a computer generated decision so to release the hold just make your payment when your check comes in then the account will turn right on. Cx: ok thank you bye She disconnects and 2 minutes later my phone rings. Me: thanks for calling ____ I’m me, whom am I speaking to? Cx: hi I am Cx! I hope you can help me, my account is off and I won’t get my money for a bit, I can’t, I’m disabled. I need the account turned on for now until I make the payment (I immediately recognize the name and voice but play along) Me: ok well I can check for you but it’s not always available. (Pull up account and confirmed it’s the same person and in my super laid on thick customer service voice) Me: so ma’am you actually just barely spoke to me a few minutes ago and I am still unable to provide any extensions to you As I’m speaking she disconnects. And hasn’t called back

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