Angry customer


$AC= asshole customer

$Dr.=Doctor who the person was looking for

$HR= HR person

So $me work at a medical facility as an intern at the IT service desk, which means that many of the calls we get are simple password resets for doctors/nurses or broken tech… or cold calls. So I get a call from a mobile phone, never a good sign, and I answer it with our normal greeting, and ask how I can help them. They said they were looking for $Dr and asked if I could give them the $Dr.’s phone number, so I calmly explain to them that it is our companies policy to never share phone numbers for anybody, unless I hear it from them that someone will be calling in asking for a phone number. $AC starts bitching about how I was an asshole for not telling her $Dr.’s number and how they were going to contact HR about me. They then hung up and I sadly didn’t get to see or hear about the conservation the person had with HR, but I imagine it went something like this.

$HR “So you want to make a complaint against $me, is that correct”

$AC “Yes”

$HR “even though they told you that it is company policy to never share phone numbers”

$AC “Yes”
$HR “soo basically, you called in here to complain about $me for doing their job correctly”

$AC “….” (hangs up defeated)

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