"Nothing EVER goes to my spam!"

Hello all! This is my first post here and is nowhere near the craziest thing that’s happened to me in the almost 2 years I’ve been at my call center, but it just happened today and is odd enough to warrant a tale, I think.

Obligatory background: I work for the call center for a cluster of multiple hotels (all under the same brand) near a popular tourist attraction. We do about 6 different jobs in my department, but the relevant bits for this story are that we book, modify, and cancel reservations for group and conference guests.

For the sake of the story, I’ll be M. The guest will be Stubborn Lady (SL).

M: Good afternoon, thank you for calling [HOTEL BRAND] at [LOCATION]. My name is magicingreyscale. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?

SL: Yeah, I booked a room for a conference with you guys earlier today. The girl I spoke to said I’d get an email confirmation, but I never did.

This isn’t uncommon. Our confirmations are auto-generated and include pictures and links, so a lot of time they either get delayed or blocked by firewalls. The fastest and most consistent ones to come through are personal ones, with gmail being the best; the most difficult tend to be military (which block them entirely) or corporate (which have about a 50% chance).

So I pull up the reservation and take a look. We have actually have a gmail address on file. I confirm the spelling just to make sure we have it right. We do.

M: Huh, that’s weird. We almost never have issues with gmail accounts! Have you checked your spam folder by chance? Sometimes they do get routed there by mistake.

SL (firmly and somewhat indignant): It wouldn’t be in spam. What email is it coming from? I’ll do a search for it in my inbox.

M (with ??? floating above my head): Uh, that’d be [DOMAIN].

SL: …no, I don’t have that.

M: I would advise you to check your spam folder, then. Since our confirmations have emails and pictures, they sometimes end up in there.

SL (even more firmly): No, it wouldn’t be in my spam. Nothing EVER goes to my spam. Let me give you another email.

M (with multiple ??? now): …sure, I can take that whenever you’re ready.

Hours later and I’m still baffled by this. It would have taken her maybe 10 seconds to check and 99% of the time it’s there! I’ve never had someone be so stubborn about it; people are usually happy to have an easy and quick solution.

Instead we had to send her a new confirmation. Naturally, the new email she gave us was a corporate one. I’m half expecting her to call back tomorrow upset because she still hasn’t gotten it… at which point our agent will advise her to check her spam folder 😛

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