How am I supposed to help with that?

I work at a call center for a “small” local credit union. It’s small as in we only service two local state cities of about 80,000 people each, as well as the smaller towns in between and around said cities. So due to this “local” feel we have, we get a lot of calls for things such as what the weather is like or what the time is from locals. Things they can’t be bothered to check so they call us for a quick answer. While these calls can be annoying, it’s usually easier just to give them their answer quick so you can move on to the next call. This lady took this “service” a bit too far. C = Caller; Me = Me.

Me: *Opening spiel* how can I help you?

C: Hello my name is ‘caller’ and you better be able to help me.

Me: (Ugh just get on with it) I’d be happy to help however I can ma’am, what did you need help with today?

C: I live in ‘local city’ and I need to get some fire oil. I AM COLD…

Me: waits to hear the part that I can help with**

C: HellOOO? Can you hear me? I need HELP.

Me: Okay uhh, (trying not to make this too akward) you said you needed.. fire .. oil?


Me: Okay, and how can we help with that? Is your debit card not working on a purchase or..?

C: I don’t have a card I just need you to HELP me.

Me: Okay but.. what can we do? How can we help with that?

C: I don’t know figure something out right now. Your number was the only one BIG enough that I could see

Me: Well uhh (thinking I can pull some local numbers off the internet she can use) can I pull up your account? What’s your account num—

C: I don’t have an account with you! I DON’T like your services!

Me: Alright ma’am, I do apologize but there’s really nothing we can help you with.

C: I don’t care, I’m cold and you’re going to help me with whatever you can.

Me: Ma’am there’s nothing I can do to help, I suggest calling 911 or any other numbers you know if you really need help.

C: See this is why I don’t like you guys, you’re useless, you can’t help with anything!

Me: Um Okay.

C: …

Me: .. Well thanks for calling, have a great day!

C: HOW. -hangs up-

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