Drunk dude thinks rudeness will get his cable reconnected faster

So another tale from my time at Australia’s favourite (and only) cable tv provider (aka overpriced service that monopolises Game of Thrones)

Anywho it’s nearing the end of the day and I got a call from a fellow who has obviously been drinking quite a bit that day. He tells me his service was cut due to non payment of his bill. He had a receipt number from the post office and wanted his cable reconnected

Now usually a post office receipt is enough to get your cable reconnected. Unless your bill was quite late or you repeatedly were late in paying, in which case your cable would be reconnected once payment cleared

I checked this fellows account and noted that he had done both!!! Furthermore it was logged that he’d called earlier that day and the operator left a note stating that the customer had been told their cable would only be reconnected once payment had cleared, a receipt wouldn’t do it this time

So after reviewing his account I explained to him that sorry, I would not be able to reconnect him today

He starts fuming. Calling me every name he could think of. Threatening to come to my work and rape me and blah blah blah

I tell him sorry there’s nothing I can do

He then asks to speak to a manager. All the managers happened to be busy but my supervisor told me to log he’s details and he’d call the guy back

Not good enough for the guy who wants his cable on right now.

So I repeat “there’s nothing I can do” trying my hardest not to say “f off” and hang up

He begins mocking me, repeating my own words “there’s nothing I can do” in a childish way

So at this point I’ve had enough. While he was ranting at me I said “sir we seem to be going around in circles, if there’s nothing new I’m going to end the call”

He starts threatening to kill me if I hang up

So I hung up

Wrote a detailed note explaining the call and telling the next poor person he talks to NOT to reconnect his cable under any circumstances

I checked back in the account half an hour later (as I was certain he would have called again and I knew many of my coworkers did not have the testicular/clitoral fortitude to deny him)

Sure enough he had called and some idiot had reconnected his cable (despite the account notes)

Sooooo I disconnected him myself, mere minutes before we closed

He can wait for his cable

Had he been more polite I woulda never checked back. But he pissed me off and I felt duty bound to ensure he would not be rewarded for his despicable behaviour

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