No lady, that’s the Pacific ocean.

So I use to work in the call center for a K – 12 STEM curriculum provider. I can’t name which one, but let’s just say it was a project designed around getting students to lead the way. One day I get a call from a teacher in California who was absolutely angry that our curriculum was “wrong”. She had been struggling to explain the difference between the Pacific Ocean and the “Australian Ocean” to her students, and was angry our curriculum for 1St graders showed the waters on the eastern side of Australia as the Pacific Ocean. After spending 10 minutes trying to explain to her that the “Australian Ocean” did not exist, and she needed to stop trying to alter our curriculum and teach it as we had designed it, I finally made her sit down in front of a computer to pull up Google Maps and let her take a look for herself. A moment of silence had passed before she finally said “I guess your right” and hung up. Note: If you have kids in elementary school in LAUSD, you might consider private schooling.

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A woman of many words.

Guy went from 0 to 60 real quick.