A woman of many words.

Context: I work for my state DOR. My job is to call taxpayers (TP) who have not filed their tax returns. For legality sake I’m going to names/specifics quite generic.

Me: Hello this is samiroses94 with State DOR looking to speak with Taxpayer?

TP: Yes

Me: Hi! I’m calling to inform you we have not reserved these tax returns, can you get these filed and if anything owed, paid?

TP: No

Me: Okay, do you know when you can complete them, so I can notate your account?

TP: No

Me: Okay.. Miss is there a reason you are being short with me?


Me: Do you care to tell me so we can rectify the issue?

TP: No

Me: attempts to stifle a long sigh Alright ma’am, well I am going to have to note the account as no commitment, is this still the best contact num—

TP: EXCUSE ME? Ex-cuuuse me?!

Me: What did I say to upset you, Taxpayer? -__-

TP: I never said no commitment, you said that I—

Me: Ma’am I asked you for today, you said no. I asked for an estimate when it will be done, you refused. If you’d like to give me a commitment date, your best guess, when this can be do—

TP: CAN YOU FIND MY COMPUTER CHARGER? Do you know where it is?

Me: Uh, if it is a computer issue, we have offices all over the state with computers and revenue agents to assist, looks like location A is closest to you. Also, did you know there are computers at libraries?

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I am the nicest of my little 15 person call center. I get compliments/positive reviews from delinquent taxpayers. I kill them with kindness, and it typically works.

This woman got me on a bad day,Ike, a migraine-but-still-came-to-work, day.

I know exactly where that chord is, or where I’d like to shove it at least.

Mini PSA: I do not work for IRS, they do not make outbound phone calls to taxpayers without previous interaction.

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