Guy went from 0 to 60 real quick.

Since today is the day after Valentine’s Day. Most of the calls I’ve been getting deal with the fruit in the gifts not being up to par, gifts being arrived a day or so late, or items not arriving all together. Stuff like this are easy fixes. I either replace the item or offer a refund and the customer goes on their merry way. This guy however, was a bit more…out there.

Anyway, I get the call from GG (Grumpy Gramps) and he tells me that one of his items had arrived today, one day after Valentine’s day. No biggy. I go into my apologies and offer him a refund on the item and he takes it. I figure we are done and he mentions about us (the company) being financially prepared because he is considering taking legal action because he sees it as “a verbal and written delivery contract had be broken” all because the agent who first placed his order set it for February 14th but it didn’t get to where it was going until February 15th.

Now with the company’s guarantee is mostly if there is an issue of any kind on your order we can fix it right away. Yes, we do quote when items will be delivered and 9 times out of 10 they arrive on time. Any time they are delayed is usually an issue on FedEx’s end or an issue due to weather making it undeliverable. I was about to inform GG about this but he demanded to speak to a supervisor.

I put him on hold and tell one of my supervisors and he said, that since the customer is threatening with a lawsuit that he needs to be transferred to our executive services branch of the company. I was about to inform GG about it but the call either dropped or he hung up. I put a call back request into my system so someone can call him back and get him to an executive. Feel sorry for the poor soul who had to deal with that train wreak.

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