The time I laughed in my supervisors face.

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I worked in a Medical Billing office as a temp for almost 9 months, with the promise of becoming a full hire after 6 months. The way this company worked was insurance companies would hire them to handle their claims processing and customer service.

I was what they called a “dual representative”, basically my job description was process medical claims for half of my shift, and then the other half was spent on the phones as a Customer Service rep. In reality it was about 2 hours of Claims, 6 hours of Customer Service.

Since I was a dual rep, I had to report to two supervisors, the Claims Supervisor who would dangle overtime in our faces, but we only got it if we met ridiculous production goals, while getting pulled for calls. And then there was the Customer Service Supervisor who hated me the minute she saw me. She later became my only supervisor after a bit of shifting around, but she did not like me from day one and she made it known.

She would berate me through email and in front of other coworkers, encouraging her favorites to berate me as well, she would jump into my calls whenever I hesitated to answer when asked a complicated question, and a bunch of other stuff that would take way too long to type. Other people noticed the harrassment, but I needed the job so I stuck through it.

The final straw was when I asked about my Full-Hire status, and was told that they were in a hiring freeze. I accepted that and moved on with my day. Only to find out two hours after my meeting, one of my other coworkers, who had been there less time, had been hired on full time.

Now, I was livid, but apparently so were a lot of other temps that had been there even longer than I had, and a few of them quit on the spot. I immediately began looking for other permanent positions, and put in my two weeks notice.

On my last day, they pull everyone in the office into the conference room, and announce that they are hiring on all temps with a $1 pay raise, with full benefits and PTO. We all knew it was because they just lost 4 people and were about to lose 3 more (other than me), and the client we were working for was pissed that the job wasnt getting done. So the head of the company authorized full hire.

When the Customer Service Supervisor asked if I had ‘reconsidered my decision to leave’ I laughed in her face. No regrets. No job is worth that shit. Fuck that place. Fuck that Bitch and all her groupies.

Tldr: Dealt with verbal harrassment from a supervisor and her group of favorites as a temp, get blocked for hire on, other newer temp gets hired on, multiple people quit, laugh in supervisors face when offered hire on with raise.

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